There’s nothing more frustrating as an adult than dealing with acne, especially if you’ve been suffering from it from a young age.

By now, you’ve likely tried everything, from creams and lotions to dietary changes and facials. So, what’s your next step in the fight against acne? Finding the best acne doctor in Frederick, MD to help you finally say bye-bye to breakouts once and for all.

Here Are 3 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Acne Doctor in Frederick, MD / Best Dermatology Specialist

  • Look for a board-certified dermatology specialist. No, you don’t actually need a doctor for this! There are many qualified nurse practitioners, such as Johanna Fangmeyer, CRNP, who are board certified in dermatology and can help ensure you get the proper treatment. Board certification is important, because it means the provider has demonstrated their knowledge and skill before a medical board.
  • Read online reviews of the practitioner. Check reputable sites such as for reliable patient reviews to see what others’ experiences have been like.
  • Book a consultation. To help you choose a great acne specialist, schedule a consultation with them to get to know them. Ask your questions and make sure they listen and respond with compassion and care. Ask about their experience treating patients with your specific concerns, as well as their qualifications and what their approach is to your type of acne, then make a decision on whether to proceed under their care.

You Don’t Have to Have Severe Acne to See a Dermatology Specialist – If You’re Tired of Fighting Acne, Make the Call Today

There’s no need to let irritating acne get the best of you any longer. If you’re wondering if the best acne doctor in Frederick, MD / dermatology specialist can help you finally say goodbye to those annoying breakouts, call us today at 240-469-4835 for a consultation.

Board-certified dermatology nurse practitioner, Johanna Fangmeyer and her outstanding team can help you kick pimples to the curb with a combination of acne treatments!