Botox is a word that is readily identifiable both inside and outside of the aesthetic industry. For most people, it also elicits a positive or negative feeling.

Patients that regularly get Botox often consider it as a necessary part of their beauty routine similar to haircuts, manicures, and pedicures. Those that dislike Botox are worried that it will cause a frozen face or an artificial look.

Many female patients admit that their significant other or husband has requested that they remain Botox-free.

While concerns about the safety and efficacy of any cosmetic procedure are normal, much of the fear related to Botox is based on lack of information.

Botox Does Not Represent All Injectables

Over the years, many opponents of Botox use the word to represent any product that is injected into the face. As a result, poor cosmetic results are often unfairly attributed to the effects of Botox.

To clarify, Botox is a neuromodulator that is used to relax muscles and smooth wrinkles. Dermal fillers are another type of injectable that add volume and structure to the face.

Results From Botox Are Highly Dependent on the Injector

Finding a skilled and experienced injector can mean the difference between looking like an ageless beauty or a patient on “Botched.”

The key to a natural and undetectable result from Botox lies in the judgement and artistry of the provider. Expert injectors work with a patient’s individual anatomy and proportions and aren’t afraid to say no when it comes to unnecessary treatments.

Unfortunately, some doctors will continue to inject Botox at the patient’s request rather than their own discretion. These patients often end up looking overdone, and Botox is blamed rather than the injector.

Maintenance and Cost of Botox

Many patients will start off with a small dose of Botox to their problem area. They may later have additional injections depending on their comfort level and need.

In order to maintain results, patients should have touch-ups every five-to-six months.

Cost is often based on the amount of Botox administered. Average price ranges from $300-$1000 per treatment.

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