Botox: What’s the Real Story on Cost

By now, everyone has heard of Botox. It is an injectable medication that is used to help relax the look of facial lines and wrinkles. It is said to be the key to many celebrities’ youthful looks.

But still many people have lots of questions about Botox, namely about the pricing. So, how much is Botox in Frederick, Maryland?

Well, the truth is that the answer can vary! You may have heard of low, flat rates on Botox injections, but there’s a catch. Realistically, Botox pricing is determined by several factors. Let’s find out how much is Botox in Frederick, Maryland when we consider the area being treated.

Here’s the Scoop on Botox Pricing

How much is Botox in Frederick, Maryland is flexible depending on you. Your Botox price should be customized based on where you’re receiving injections and how many units in each location you need. Look at some of the most common places Botox injections are used:

  • Crow’s Feet: With both eyes considered as one area, helping ease crow’s feet can use up around 20 units of Botox and will cost around $325.
  • Frown Lines (also known as the “elevens” or glabellar lines): This area can also cost around $325 for the approximately 20 units of Botox for this area.
  • Forehead (including frown lines): Some people can benefit from the application of Botox into both the forehead and frown lines together. This is a larger area and can cost around $450 to $475 for the approximately 32 units of Botox needed.

These numbers can change dramatically depending on your current appearance and desired aesthetic. Your Botox results make the cost of this sensational anti-aging treatment worth it!

Bottom Line: Speak With an Experienced Botox Injector to Determine Your Cost

Want to learn more about how much is Botox in Frederick, Maryland? Contact us today at Hagerstown for a complimentary customized quote! Call our skilled Botox specialists at 240-469-4835, and find out just how affordable this amazing cosmetic injection can be for you!