When looking for the best lip filler, a lot of people focus on the type of dermal filler. And while your choice of product can undoubtedly influence final results, it’s the medical professional who’s performing the injections that matters most.

Continue reading to learn how to find a highly skilled and experience lip injector, and what patients can expect should they decide to undergo treatment.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are gel-based products that are injected into tissue to enhance lip shape, size, definition, and symmetry. Some lip injections, such as Restylane Silk and Juvederm Volbella, can also be used to diminish vertical lip lines – also known as smoker’s lines.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

In most cases, lip enhancement is performed with a hyaluronic acid dermal filler such as Restylane or Juvederm.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance that readily attracts and holds moisture.

When injected into lip tissue, it has the ability to instantly plump and hydrate lips for six-to-nine months.

Over time, it is gradually broken-down by the body, which necessitates the need for ongoing treatment.

How to Find the Best Lip Filler

Patients have a number of lip filler options to consider, including Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Volbella, Restylane, Restylane Kysse, Restylane Silk, and Belotero Balance.

That being said, a highly skilled injector can help you select the best lip filler for your specific needs and goals. He can also utilize his in-depth knowledge of anatomy to gauge the appropriate injection site, filler amount, and depth of injection to produce optimal outcomes.

For all of these reasons, patients should take care to choose a qualified and experienced injector who can deliver desired effects and natural-looking lip enhancement.

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