Botox and filler injections are America’s most requested cosmetic treatments. These two cosmetic injectables pack a big punch against the signs of aging in your neck.

If you’re ready to turn back the clock on your neck, you want liquid neck rejuvenation with Botox and filler.

Give Me the Scoop On How Filler and Botox Help With Anti Aging

You lose collagen and skin elasticity when you age. This means you start noticing things like dark under-eye circles, thin lips, fine lines, and a sagging, wrinkled neck. Botox works to soften and relax wrinkles on your neck, and dermal filler replaces precious collagen that keeps your neck firm, tight, and youthful.

Does Liquid Neck Rejuvenation With Botox and Filler Come With Downtime?

You have absolutely no downtime with both fillers or Botox. In fact, you can return to most of your daily activities right after your injections.  All you have to do is avoid excessive heat sources, strenuous exercise, and alcohol for at least 24 hours.

Cool! What Are the Details About Filler and Botox Pricing?

Botox is priced per unit, and each unit costs around $10 to $20. The total price of Botox depends on what areas you treat, and the neck can take between 25 and 50 units. 

The cost per filler injection can range anywhere from $500 to $1000. Many facial areas require only one or two filler syringes. The price of your treatment varies by your geographic location and person providing your liquid neck rejuvenation with Botox and filler.

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