Women and men looking for the best plastic surgery in Hagerstown routinely seek the expertise of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Kress.

Plastic Surgery in Hagerstown with Dr. Donald Kress, MD FACS

As the founder of Plastic Surgery One and the Kress Cosmetic Breast Center, Dr. Kress provides patients with the highest quality of care and optimal surgical outcomes for a variety of plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Kress is abreast of the most-cutting edge techniques and is involved in clinical research across the globe. He is also an active member of The American Society of Plastic Surgery, The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as the best-selling author of “Trust Me I’m A Plastic Surgeon.”

Treatment of Capsular Contracture in Hagerstown, MD

Dr. Kress has over 32 years of surgical experience and is considered a subject-matter expert in the treatment and prevention of capsular contraction following breast surgery. His current research examines the role of ultrasound in the treatment of capsular contracture. Dr. Kress also serves as a Clinical Advisor to several companies involved with the breast industry.

Dr. Kress’ Global Expertise

Not only is Dr. Kress committed to providing patients with the best plastic surgery in Hagerstown, he believes that international participation is essential to keeping current on the latest developments in the field of Plastic Surgery.

Accordingly, Dr. Kress is often invited to witness the introduction of some of the most advanced plastic surgery procedures all over the world.

He traveled to Brazil for an innovative tummy tuck procedure; to South Africa for the first mini facelift surgery; and to Georgia (near Russia) for the opening of a new clinic.

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