Envious when you see the gorgeous lips of celebs like the Kardashians, Scar Jo, or Angelina Jolie? You’re not alone!

Many of us have lips that we wish were fuller. We’ve tried all we can on our own, but how about professional help? You’ve heard of lip injections and the Botox lip flip, but what is a lip flip exactly?

What Is a Lip Flip? Is There a Difference Between Lip Filler and a Lip Flip?

Yes, there is. Dermal fillers actually increase the size of your lip, while a lip flip gives the illusion of a fuller lip. A small amount of Botox is used with a lip flip to relax the muscles causing your lip to turn upward. Volume is simply rearranged and not increased.

What Can I Expect During a Lip Flip Treatment?

The treatments are fast and only take around 20 minutes. It’s basically pain free, but a numbing agent can be used. What is a lip flip? It’s Botox that’s injected into the corners and center of your lip.

What Should I Expect After Lip Injections?

You can easily resume your normal activities after, though you may notice your upper lip is slightly swollen and numb for a short time.

Do Botox Lip Flip Results Take Long to See?

Not at all. You’ll see a change in a few days with continued improvement for several more days. Full results can be seen within 14 days.

Is a Lip Flip Expensive?

It’s actually quite affordable! The cost ranges from $80 and up. A consultation with an expert Botox injector is the best way to get a customized quote. Be sure to ask about financing if the price is a concern.

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