If you are a Montgomery County, Maryland resident looking for the best body contouring near me, you may wish to consider truSculpt iD.

truSculpt iD is a safe, effective, noninvasive, and virtually painless way to eliminate stubborn fat bulges. It takes just 15 minutes and doesn’t require any downtime, which makes it an ideal lunchtime procedure!

Continue reading to learn all about the unique benefits of truSculpt iD and why it may be just what you need to finally reach your body goals.

What Is truSculpt iD and How Does It Work?

The truSculpt iD uses a proprietary monopolar radiofrequency technology to precisely heat and destroy fat cells in the treatment area.

Unlike other heat-based sculpting devices, that simply focus on the middle layer of fat cells, truSculpt iD’s RF energy heats fat cells just below the skin’s surface and penetrates all the way to the muscle layer.

In the weeks after treatment, destroyed fat cells are gradually cleared from the body through natural detoxification channels.

Searching for the Best Body Contouring Near Me?

The truSculpt iD offers a number of unique advantages to Montgomery County women and men who are in search of the best body contouring near me.

To start, the treatment is entirely noninvasive and extremely efficient. It is also far more comfortable than some of its competitors, and many patients liken the sensation to a hot stone massage.

What’s more, truSculpt iD is very inclusive and designed to treat localized fat pockets in patients with a BMI over 30. This is in stark contrast to a majority of other technologies that are limited to individuals with a BMI that is 30 or below.

Best of all, truSculpt iD can produce up to a 24 percent fat reduction after just one session. Results can be seen almost immediately and peak by 12 weeks.

Are You Looking for the Best Body Contouring in Montgomery County?

If you are considering non-invasive body contouring, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive truSculpt consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented providers.