Allergan is a leader within the aesthetic industry and manufactures two of the most popular cosmetic injectables–Botox and Juvederm. While use of these products continues to surge, there’s one segment of the market that they’d like attract more of–millennials.

That’s because they believe that many 22-to-37-year-olds view Botox as an anti-aging treatment for older patients. Allergan hopes their recent marketing strategies will help change this misconception and introduce the benefits of Botox to a younger generation.

Keep reading to learn how Botox is marketing to millennials, and why this group should consider trying cosmetic injectables.

How Is Botox Being Marketed to Millennials?

Allergan has taken a multi-faceted approach to marketing Botox to millennials. First, in an effort to make Botox a household name, they have launched a campaign with the tagline “Are you bo-curious?” to spark interest and discussion about Botox among this set of potential users. There’s also a “Juvederm It” campaign to drive interest in its hyaluronic acid dermal filler.

In addition, Allergan has created a beauty blog called Spotlyte to deliver a different message about Botox and brand it as a common beauty treatment, in the same vain as waxing your eyebrows or coloring your hair.

There’s also their acquisition of a company called Bonti that makes a fast-acting form of Botox that doesn’t last as long.

Finally, Allergan is also working on a podcast, aptly named Bo-talks, to promote conversation about Botox among younger patients and those that have never tried aesthetic treatments before.

Why Would Millennials Be Interested in Using Botox?

The key to encouraging more millennials to try Botox may lie in their perception of the product. More specifically, a number of 20 to 30-year-olds think of Botox as a treatment for their parent’s generation and that it’s not something that could help a person their age.

Accordingly, Allergan has disseminated the message to millennials that this is “Not your mama’s Botox” to change the narrative.

Plus, many aesthetic experts and younger patients strongly believe that Botox can assist millennials by targeting early signs of aging and preventing the formation of new or worse wrinkles.

There’s also the contention that starting Botox proactively may reduce the need for corrective or invasive treatments later on.

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