Have you heard about the latest trend in hair rejuvenation? Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a breakthrough treatment that can help you regain your confidence that may have dwindled due to hair loss.

But, what exactly is PRP for hair loss, does it really work? And, is it permanent? 

First, Just What Is PRP for Hair Loss?

PRP is non-surgical, non-invasive, and is extremely effective. The process starts by removing a small amount of blood from the patient, which is then placed into a machine that separates the blood from the plasma. 

This plasma is what carries the red and white blood cells, which are major factors in the body’s healing process. Once the plasma is highly concentrated in platelets, it is injected into the scalp to encourage blood flow and stimulate the dormant hair follicles. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Every single body is different. This means that you may need more or less treatments than the patient that came before you and the patient that will come after you. Generally, you’ll need one to two treatments in the first six months. Then, you’ll need one treatment every three to four months for up to two years. 

When Will I Begin to See Results? Are They Permanent?

Hair follicles grow in phases. Results from PRP won’t be seen immediately, because all of your follicles are not active at once and hair growth takes time. Results should be seen within about four months after the first treatment. You can increase your chances of seeing optimal results by doing things at home that encourage blood flow, such as eating a healthy diet and not using nicotine products. 

Are You Ready to Regain Your Confidence With PRP Hair Rejuvenation?

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors, but it can also be fixed in many cases. To become one of our many satisfied patients choosing cosmetic treatments that improve your image and self confidence, such as PRP for hair loss, contact us today at 240-469-4836 to schedule a consultation.