Our Medical Assistant, Jenn, was recently engaged! Today we ask Jenn a few questions about her pre-wedding skincare routine as she gets ready for her big day!

Medical Assistant Hagerstown

Congratulations on Your Engagement, Jenn!

Thank you!

So When Is the Big Day?

September 22, 2018

What Is Your Current Bridal Prep Skincare Routine?

Right now I’m using the Hydra-Intense Cleansing Lotion, Alpha Toner Forte, and Vita Peptide Eye Gel from the Environ line.

My skin is normal to dry so I moisturize at night with Neova Creme de la Copper.

I have sun spots so I make sure to apply my sunblock EltaMD UV Daily every morning.

Neova Skincare Hagerstown

Do You Plan on Getting Any Procedures Done?

Yes. I am looking at dresses with a keyhole back but I have quite a bit of sun spots on my shoulders from past sun exposure. I haven’t tried IPL before but I plan on seeing Johanna to treat my face and back with a series of IPL sessions over the course of three to four months.

I get Botox with Johanna every four months on my forehead and around my eyes. I get the best results when I do chemical peels with Mande. I notice a brighter, more even skin tone, and smoother skin. Even my sun spots get lighter.

I would like to try microneedling to see if it would help with my fine lines. And of course I will be getting a lash lift to compliment all the hard work I’ve been doing with my Latisse every night!

What About Your Makeup for Your Wedding? What Kind of Look Are You Going For?

Romantic, soft, blush tones. I use Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup. It’s the best skincare makeup and I can use it right after having procedures. Mandie removes any dead skin and vellus hair with dermaplaning in between chemical peels.

I notice my makeup goes on smoother after dermal planing so I will probably get that done right before my wedding.

Congratulations Again and We Look Forward to Following Your Wedding Skincare Journey!

Thank you! I’m excited to share pictures of my progress!