Want smoother, softer, clearer skin? Who doesn’t?! The best way to achieve a blemish-free, even complexion and more youthful skin is with a HydraFacial.

Amazingly, a HydraFacial helps you accomplish your skincare goals without the harsh side effects most other treatments and products cause!

But, there is something you should know when wondering can a hydrafacial cause breakouts in Frederick, MD. Here’s the scoop!

Is It True – Can a Hydrafacial Cause Breakouts in Frederick, MD?

The truth is that HydraFacials rarely cause breakouts. So, while post-HydraFacial breakouts can occur, it’s not likely that you’ll experience one. However, you should be aware that this treatment can cause something called skin purging, so you’re not caught off-guard after a HydraFacial.

Wait a Second – What Is Skin Purging?

Skin purging happens when your skin cleanses itself by pushing up dead skin cells, sebum, oil, and other dirt / debris to the surface. This may appear as a breakout, but it is not the same thing. Once your skin is done cleansing, the appearance of blemishes will be gone and your skin will clear up.

How can you tell if you’ve just broken out or are experiencing a skin purge? If your skin breaks out in the area that it previously had a breakout in before your HydraFacial, that is simply a skin purge. However, if you break out in a new location, then you may be suffering from a breakout after the HydraFacial. But, as mentioned above, that is rare.

Where Can I Get Amazing Results From a HydraFacial Near Frederick?

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