5 Reasons You Should Choose truSculpt Over CoolSculpting Near Frederick, MD

Have you reached a weight loss plateau? You should know that you don’t have to undergo painful, invasive surgeries to eliminate that stubborn weight that just won’t come off with diet or exercise.

The truSculpt treatment and CoolSculpting near Frederick, MD are two such treatments, but which one should you choose? We pick truSculpt, and here’s why.

Here Are 5 Reasons to Choose truSculpt CoolSculpting Near Frederick, MD

While both of these liposuction alternatives have some similarities – they’re both non-invasive, take about three sessions for best results, and both offer about 20% to 25% fat reduction, there are some advantages to choosing truSculpt for your treatment. Here are our top five.

  1. truSculpt not only targets fat, but it tightens skin and improves texture in the treated area. This is due to the radiofrequency (RF) heat technology it uses, whereas CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis to only treat fat cells.
  2. truSculpt’s results are more consistent. What you see in the before and after photos is what you can expect from your own treatment. With CoolSculpting, everyone’s results are more individual.
  3. truSculpt can treat fat anywhere on the body, even smaller areas, whereas CoolSculpting is limited to nine specific areas, most of which are larger.
  4. truSculpt only takes about 15 minutes per area. CoolSculpting takes at least 30 or more, depending on the area.
  5. truSculpt results can oftentimes be seen immediately (though it does take three to four months for peak results). CoolSculpting takes about three months to see noticeable changes and up to six months for full results.

So, Don’t Delay Your Results Any Longer – Book CoolSculpting Today

Now is the best time to get truSculpt, as your results will be fully evident just in time to show off your summer body! Book truSculpt by spring to be ready when the pools open. To choose truSculpt over CoolSculpting near Frederick, MD, contact us today at 240-469-4835 and let us sculpt you into a whole new look!