For many men, the idea of a facial may conjure up images of sitting in a robe, drinking cucumber water, and listening to soft music. However, HydraFacial is a results-focused treatment that deep cleans the skin to improve its tone and texture without any frills.

While it may involve some components of a traditional facial, HydraFacial also integrates technology and nutrients to repair congested, dull, and dry skin. It’s also an excellent option for men that are seeking a quick and effective procedure with zero downtime.

So, why should men try HydraFacial? Here’s how this treatment can benefit any guy.

What Is HydraFacial and How Does It Work?

HydraFacial is a non-invasive procedure that cleans, exfoliates, extracts, and infuses skincare products to achieve smooth, even, and clear skin.

It separates itself from a traditional facial with a uniquely designed spiral tip and vortex technology. These features allow HydraFacial to gently remove dead skin cells and debris, suction impurities from clogged pores, and deliver antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to the skin.

How Can HydraFacial Benefit Men?

This is an ideal treatment for a patient of any age, skin type, or gender, and it produces consistent and immediate results. Plus, the entire process takes approximately 30 minutes depending on whether or not a chemical peel, LED therapy, or microcurrent are added on.

Many guys seek HydraFacial for a variety of cosmetic concerns including dry, flaky, or damaged skin from shaving, clogged pores, dullness, rough texture, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

Plus, HydraFacial is able to address oily skin that men may experience due to higher testosterone levels.

Does HydraFacial Hurt?

Unlike traditional facials that often involve painful extractions, HydraFacial is well-tolerated by most patients. In fact, its vortex technology ensures a comfortable purification of the skin and does not require any squeezing or pressure to relieve congested pores.

Some guys even find the treatment relaxing and say it feels like a light facial massage.

When Can Men See Changes Following Hydrafacial?

Most men note immediate improvement in their skin tone and texture after one HydraFacial treatment. However, for optimal effects, a series of 6 sessions spaced a month apart is recommended.

For additional information about HydraFacial, please call our office today to schedule an appointment.