Valentine’s Day has passed, but if the great Cole Porter is to be believed, you’re never in the wrong to have tempting lips.

We all know about lip fillers: but is dermal filler the exact product that you need to get the job done?

Maybe! But there might be other options as well. Here, we explore what you can do to get younger-looking lips.

1. Do Get Lip Filler, but Get It Done Right

Fillers are always art as much as they are science. A provider who knows what they’re doing can make the best of their toolset and have you looking younger and more beautiful.

But lip fillers can be extra tricky, especially because it’s not simply a case of filling them out — as some might be led to believe by social media.

The fact of the matter is bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, and one thing you need is a doctor who understands the proportion of upper lip to bottom lip, as well as the shape of the Cupid’s Bow, is tons more important than absolute size.

2. Consider What Other Treatments Might Help

Well what else can you use on the lips? You might not realize it, but Botox can go a long way in affecting the shape of your lips by affecting what’s around them. For example, smoker’s lines can be treated by Botox to help relax the muscles.

Meanwhile skin rejuvenation treatments can also do wonders for getting rid of smoker’s lines.

The point is that how people interpret your face is a holistic matter. It’s not just the size of your lips or even their shape, but how they interact with and complement the rest of your face.

You can get a better look with your lips, perhaps, without using fillers at all! It all depends on your needs.

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