Should you be afraid of lip fillers? We consulted the experts to get the 411 on this popular cosmetic treatment as well as some tips to ensure you get the results you want.

The Fear

Many women interested in a plumper pout seek the services of injectors to help give them a boost.

However, looking on social media or at celebrities botched lips may make you nervous about the potential for bad results from lip filler.

Communication Is Key

In order to get the results you desire from your lip fillers treatment it is important that you speak honestly with your doctor about your concerns and your desired outcome.

Speak with your doctor about starting with small doses with the potential to add more volume down the line.

Ask for an Anesthetic

Fear of pain can be a reason why many women are hesitant to try a lip filler treatment.

Your doctor is able to apply a topical anesthetic cream or a local injection to help numb the pain from a filler treatment in the lips.

Know the Side Effects

Expect swelling and bruising following your filler treatment and know that this is completely normal.

Your lips will look a little swollen in the day or two following your injection and may even take a full week to settle down.

Additionally, while bruising does not always happen you should prepare for it just in case.

Schedule Future Visits

Once you decide to get filler treatments in your lips you should understand that this is not a permanent procedure.

You will likely have to visit your doctor two-to-three times per year to maintain your new look.

Should You Be Afraid of Lip Fillers? Not at Hagerstown Dermatology

At Hagerstown Dermatology & Skincare we understand the fears and hesitation surrounding lip fillers.

Our team of expert injector are highly skilled to determine the precise amount of filler to compliment your face.

Additionally, we are available to answer any and all questions you may have about lip fillers.

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