Liposuction may seem a bit overshadowed by the new fat-reduction treatments coming out, but don’t be fooled: the treatment is still hugely popular, still growing, and for good reason.

The fact of the matter is that Liposuction, while the more aggressive treatment, has tended to be the more effective treatment when put head to head with non-invasive procedures such as CoolSculpting and SculpSure.

But with truSculpt 3D now on the market, that may be challenged.

Higher Reduction Rates?

Previously, non-invasive treatments seem to have suffered from two major issues. The first is that they were simply milder than what Liposuction was putting out.

For example, CoolSculpting treatments saw 12 percent reduction of fatty bulges within the area.

This led to the second issue, that these non-invasive treatments took more sessions to see results–as opposed to one Liposuction session.

truSculpt 3D may challenge this, though, with its impressive and highly efficient 24 percent fat reduction rate in just one treatment–one treatment that, at 15-20 minutes, was even shorter than a CoolSculpting treatment.

The Recovery Advantage

When you couple this with the zero downtime of non-invasive treatments, this new, innovative treatment may pose even more of a threat to Liposuction.

After all, part of the problem of multiple treatment sessions, besides the inconvenience, is simply the increased cost. While one treatment session might be less than Liposuction, once you start adding up to two, three, even four sessions, the money adds up.

With great, depth-hitting results in just one session, and no downtime to speak of afterward, truSculpt 3D boasts the best of both worlds.

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