Body Contouring Comparison

With all the wonderful fat reduction treatments available, it might be difficult to determine which of these products is “best.”

The truth is, none of them are the “best” product so much as they are the best product for the job.

In this specific scenario, we pit the classic CoolSculpting against the latest and greatest body contouring treatment, truSculpt 3D.

How Do They Work Respectively?

Pun not intended, both are polar opposites, using hot and cold to achieve results and helping patients say yes to thinner waistlines and no to problem areas.

But the ins and outs of each differ, so let us paint the ups and downs of each.

TruSculpt 3D heats up the fat cells to destroy them. These targeted fat cells will then shrink and excrete naturally from the body.

Patient experience may differ for both body contouring treatments. Some patients do better with cold, and some do better with hot–and while both procedures have been described, generally, as causing mild discomfort at worst, mileage can still vary.

The Pros and Cons

truSculpt3D, with its targeted, repeatable and uniform technology may be better at applying its fat reduction magic to most patients.

Moreover, truSculpt 3D has a couple of added benefits that a patient may prefer. Its use of radiofrequency technology allows it to penetrate deeper in the body than CoolSculpting typically allows.

In fact, truSculpt 3D boasts an impressive 24 percent fat reduction within one session–much higher than other products on the market including CoolSculpting which requires three treatments to gain those results.

And because it uses heating, it also causes a skin tightening effect that CoolSculpting may lack.

The Skinny

TruSculpt 3D boasts an impressive 86 percent success rating on RealSelf, while CoolSculpting has a lower, but respectable 81 percent success rating.

Research has shown:

  • 1. truSculpt 3D as clinically achieved the highest percentage of fat thickness removal, at 36 percent after ONE treatment
  • 2. truSculpt 3D is the only FDA-cleared device to do ANY area of the body
  • 3. truSculpt 3D is the ONLY device to create fat cell signal reduction and to tighten skin
  • 4. truSculpt 3D is done in almost half the time needed by other devices
  • 5. Cutera (the truSculpt 3D manufacturer) has NEVER obsoleted a product—a testimony to the quality of Cutera’s technologies.

Interested in some form of fat reduction treatment, but not sure which of these is right for you?

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