Botox has long been touted as a three-month treatment, however have you ever stopped to consider the long term effects of Botox?

What Is Botox?

In order to understand the way Botox affects us in the long term we must first understand how it works.

Botox is a neurotoxin which can interrupt your nerve muscles in order to paralyze them.

When Botox in injected in to a wrinkle between your eyes the toxin is able to relax the muscle causing the wrinkle, thus softening your appearance.

Short Term Effects

Botox is generally able to maintain your desired results between three to six months.

However, many dermatologists argue that there may be some long term effects of Botox.

Long Term Effects of Botox

Below are some of the most common long term effects of Botox

Less Movement

Some doctors argue that after many years of receiving Botox treatments your facial muscles may not be able to make expressions as readily as they once did.


If used regularly over the years, it is possible that the muscles affected from a Botox treatment will atrophy from lack of use.

Age Defying

Many people fear that stopping Botox after years of treatment will cause their face to regress to their natural wrinkled form.

However, you will still look years younger even after discontinuing use of Botox.

Additionally, your skin will appear brighter and less wrinkled after years of use.

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