Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 throughout not only the country but the world, many American citizens have been forced to resort to telemedicine appointments for non-emergency visits with doctors as opposed to the more traditional visit to a doctor’s office.

And while nearly everyone is looking forward to a return to normalcy at some point, Americans may have just been given one more reason to look forward to seeing doctors in person again. Galderma, the pharmaceutical company known for producing popular dermal fillers Restylane and Sculptra, as well as Cetaphil and Proactiv, has introduced a new product: Restylane Kysse, an injectable hyaluronic acid used for lip injections.

Luckily for those interested in trying out Restylane Kysse, which is pronounced Kiss, the product, as of May 2020, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for usage in the United States.

A hyaluronic acid, Restylane Kysse is similar to products such as Juvéderm, but what makes it unique is that it uses Galderma’s proprietary XpresHAn, which is pronounced expression, Technology.

According to Melanie Palm, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical investigator from San Diego who was involved in the testing of the product, Restylane Kysse offers a new way that the hyaluronic acid works inside lips.

“[The hyaluronic acid] is bound to itself, so it stretches, and then goes back to its prior space,” she told Allure. “When you’re talking, smiling, kissing, it has the ability to integrate into the tissue where it’s injected and mold to your tissue. It becomes one with [your lips].”

Given that lip filler essentially attaches an unknown substance to lips, it has a tendency to be uncomfortable for users but Palm finds Kysse to be a bit more natural both in feel and look.

“It’s not only believable to everybody else, but it is believable to you,” she says. “It just seems seamless with your own lips.”

In terms of the overall performance of the product, Alisa Lask, general manager and vice president of the U.S Aesthetic Business at Galderma, has seen nothing but positives.

“Study results showed that Restylane Kysse provides lip fullness, improves the appearance of the lines above the mouth and leaves patients satisfied with their results,” she says. “We found that by week eight after treatment, at least 90 percent of patients were satisfied with their lips. Specifically, with the shape of their upper and lower lips (93 percent and 95 percent, respectively).”

Other factors that could make Restylane Kysse stand out is that trials have shown that the product could last for almost a year as opposed to other fillers that typically last only three to six months. It’s also possible that Kysse will cost less than other similar products.

“We found in the study that we could use 20 percent less product compared to the control group,” says Palm. “In that clinical study, we used about a little over one and a half syringes, but in reality, I think one syringe goes a long way for our typical filler patient,” she says. “It’s actually going to be pretty cost-effective.”

FDA-approved for anyone over 21, Palm actually recommends Kysse to a wide variety of patients, whether that be those in their 20s or 30s or those in their 50s or 60s. And according to Lask, Galderma is working on ways to get the product to patients as soon as possible despite the circumstances currently plaguing America.

“Our team has started taking orders for Restylane Kysse, and we are working closely with aesthetic providers so it is available to patients as soon as possible, as physician offices begin to safely reopen,” says Lask.

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