Sometimes the greatest thing you can do for your face is to put all of the best treatments together. AquaGold Fine Touch does just that–and it’s not just a mishmash of things that work.

It takes processes such as microdermabrasion and rich serum delivery and makes them work together, creating a better process and a more radiant face.

So, What Exactly Is Aquagold Fine Touch?

If you know anything about Microneedling, you know that it hijacks the body’s natural healing process in order to produce collagen and elastin. The dose of these two miracle compounds is what puts the rejuvenation in skin rejuvenation: it’s a fresh order of your skin’s building blocks straight to the face.

Why does this new skin look younger and healthier? Because, for the most part, your body stops its rapid production of new skin by the time you reach the age 25. Microneedling alone puts your body through a rejuvenation and healing process your body hasn’t seen since puberty.

AquaGold Fine Touch takes this a step further by combining this skin rejuvenation process with special serums that facilitate the process. This can be cosmetic products like Botox, rich peptides, hyaluronic acid or even Platelet Rich Plasma, filled with the growth factors that heal the face.

The Micro-Channeling Effect

With AquaGold Fine Touch, microdermabrasion becomes micro channeling. The puncturing of the face that Microneedling creates makes channels for the serums to be absorbed into the body.

The two processes then positively facilitate each other: microdermabrasion allows the serums to be absorbed, and the serums make the healing processes of microdermabrasion more efficient.

AquaGold Fine Touch takes some of the best aspects of facial rejuvenation and remixes them into something new–and wonderful for your face.

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