There’s a ‘new’ way Botox is being used, and you might be surprised to hear it works, and you might be even more surprised to find how this technique has been around for a while.

Botox can help your scars disappear–something most people would be surprised to hear.

After all, as a neuromodulator, it seems like Botox’s mechanism of action shouldn’t have any effect at all on the healing of a scar.

But have an effect it does, as Yoda would say, and if you have scars on your face you might want to consider Botox injections.

How Does It Work?

You’d be right in thinking Botox doesn’t directly affect the healing of scars. But it can facilitate healing.

Simply put, Botox stops you from adding tension onto the scar with everyday facial movements. The same way you don’t pick at a scab, the less you use a muscle underneath a scar, the easier a time the scar has healing.

Basically, you’re stopping your face from stretching the scar.

New studies Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine confirm this off label use which might one day see FDA approval. Going off a trial involving 16 patients, those who received Botox for their scar had improved healing outcomes — narrower scars with lower noticeability.

So What’s This Mean for Me?

If you have facial scars, it means this off-label use may very well be an option to facilitate their healing. Moreover, Botox can be used in conjunction with cosmetic surgery to prevent people from accidentally pulling at the stitches and causing scars.

Once again, Botox proves its versatility as a miracle drug that can seemingly do anything — even heal scars when, really, it’s the last cosmetic procedure you’d expect to have any effect on that.

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