Hyaluronic acid can do everything it seems. It might seem odd that you can do so much with this magical substance, but that’s just how the cosmetic treatment industry works.

So what’s the latest use of it? Making those cursed pores smaller!

Wow! Hyaluronic Acid Can Do That?

So many advances in cosmetic treatment are just creative uses of already existing technology like dermal fillers and Botox.

It makes sense that doctors would rather work with technology they know is safe and can use inside and out. Rather than just jumping to put the latest and greatest in, medical professionals fall back onto years of experience.

How’s it work? Simply put, hyaluronic acid injections cause an increase in collagen production.

Collagen, that impressive substance that makes up the skin (and makes it radiant), holds the pores in place and prevents them from being more pronounced.

How Effective Is the Treatment?

So how good is HA at actually reducing pore size?

According to a study with 42 patients, it’s an incredible 92.8 percent satisfaction rate. Not bad!

So what’s the big deal with big pores anyway?

Pore size can be a big self-esteem issue. When using higher magnification mirrors such as might be used to apply makeup, individuals can become intensely aware of them – and afraid of what others might see when they’re just a few inches from their face.

If you’ve ever sat in the barber’s chair and wondered why your skin looked so different in the stark lighting–well, pores are at least partially to blame for that.

It can cause a gap between the way you might normally see yourself in most mirrors and pictures, and the rare lighting that catches you just the wrong way.

Which can lead individuals to wonder what they really look like.

If your pores have ever been an issue for you, you might be interested in a dermal filler treatment.

It’s important to choose the right treatment though, as there are many options available for skin care and skin rejuvenation. If you want to know more about dermal fillers and what they can do for you, call Hagerstown Dermatology & Skincare.