Lip injections are a popular way to achieve more defined, hydrated, fuller lips. We asked one of our patients about her first time experience with filler!


Why did you decide to get lip injections?

I wanted a stronger upper lip


Did it hurt?

I was anticipating pain but with the numbing gel, I hardly felt anything.


Was there any downtime?

I would say 24 hours. I had them done at 3:30, by 6:00 they were both swollen and uncomfortable. I kept icing them and used Arnica pellets to help with the swelling.


Are you happy with the results?

Yes, but I think I will get another syringe!

Did you tell your friends or family you were getting them done?

The first night I got them done, I went out to dinner so they did notice. But after the swelling calmed down, people would comment that I looked different so I am happy with the subtle change


Would you recommend getting lip fillers with Johanna?

Yes! My friends are all talking about getting theirs done too!