Good news for all you skin rejuveneators out there fighting the good fight.

At some point in your skin care career, you’ve probably come across retinoids, those Vitamin A derivatives that seem to clear up your skin like magic.

And you probably also noticed, very quickly, that efficacy comes at a price: the price here being extremely sensitive skin. And that’s when you learned that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

But what if there was?

Topical Steroids to the Rescue

The actual mechanism of retinoids is pretty simple. They speed up cell turnover. So the normal shedding and healing process your skin goes through, it simply accelerates that. And before you know it, you’ve cleared up your face.

But that’s exactly why it can be so irritating and sensitive. Of course your skin eventually adjusts, but that adjustment period can be a pretty painful (and irritating) four weeks.

But in a new study, researchers found that applying a topical corticosteroid reduced the amount of inflammation–much moreso than simply using moisturizer.

But Maybe Not Quite

Now, before you start rushing to your nearest over the counter aisle, it’s worth noting that so far the results have been fairly middling. Irritation was reduced, but only mildly.

What’s exciting is the avenues of research opened up. Perhaps a new formulation will be made in the future that can increase skin turnover, rejuvenate the face, and leave no irritation.

But for now? You simply have to follow the basic skincare rules. Let your skin adjust gradually, opting to apply the retinoid less at first and gradually ramping it up. Make sure to stay hydrated, and if your skin’s getting too irritated just lessen the amounts you’re putting on.

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