Iced coffee for dark under eye circles? If it sounds like an old wives tale to you, you wouldn’t be alone.

While we know that dermal fillers and eyelid lift surgery, or blepharoplasty, can help with dark circles, it is surprising to hear that there’s apparently some medical science to the iced coffee trick.

So we’re here to ask: can iced coffee help dark under eye circles? And if so, how would it even work?

The Problem of Eye Circles

Some of us aren’t getting enough sleep. In fact, most of us aren’t. And when we don’t sleep, the bagginess under our eyes becomes more pronounced.

But some people are just born with it. The condition is called permanent dark under-eye circles. And yes, unfortunately, they can get even worse without sleep.

So coffee’s supposed to help us get our feet moving in the morning, but how could it possibly help our eye circles? And why iced coffee specifically?

Dark Circles Under Eye

It’s All in the Caffeine! And the Cold…

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor. That means that coffee is constricts blood vessels- which can go a long way in reducing puffiness in the face in general.

After that, the iced part of iced coffee simply reduces swelling. So you have two effects at once, working synergistically at different facets of the same symptom.

But why do we have baggy eyes in the first place?

Baggy Eyes Are Actually… Fat Deposits!

Believe it or not, the reason your eyes are might be baggier than others is because you were born with more fat deposited into your eyes than others.

Or, actually, you may have been born with less fat in your cheeks. What matters the most is that there’s a differential between right under the eyes and the cheeks.

That’s why when your become thinner, and your mother tells you your face is gaunt, your eyes pop out more: lost fat in the cheeks means that the difference becomes more pronounced.

If you suffer from baggy eyes, there’s a few treatment options available to you–if iced coffee doesn’t cut it.

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