There’s a new fat reduction treatment on the market, and it’s giving CoolSculpting, SculpSure and even Liposuction a run for their money.

Using new radio frequency technology with a specialized methodology (Targeted, Repeatable, and Uniform), truSculpt 3D is able to penetrate deeper and give a greater fat reduction percentage in less time.

What’s Different About TruSculpt 3D?

The very first difference is that it uses a slightly different method in order to kill fat cells.

Most modern fat reduction treatments use some form of temperature control in order to achieve results.

Using the basic principle that fat cells are more sensitive to differences in temperature, these procedures cool or heat the fat cells to kill them without harming other parts of the body.

truSculpt 3D follows in this line of thinking, but uses radiofrequency to achieve its results.

One basic effect is that truSculpt 3D penetrates much deeper into the body than other fat reduction treatments.

Moreover, because it uses heat, instead of cooling, it also has a skin tightening effect that a treatment like CoolSculpting would not.

Leading to an Amazing 24 Percent Reduction in Fat

The result? A giant increase in efficacy, to the tune of a 24% reduction in fat in just a single session. Gone are the days of having to go back for 3 or 4 treatments just to see results.

Not only that, but truSculpt 3D sees these results in a shorter session that only lasts about 15 minutes per area.

Meanwhile patients who are thinner and don’t have pinchable body fat are great candidates for truSculpt 3D, which doesn’t need to suction onto body parts in order to work.

All of these advantages, plus the normal advantages of noninvasive fat reduction: no recovery or downtime.

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